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Proyects / Lighting

The benchmarks or points of reference of Brain and Glasses are the development of creative and original ideas that deviate from what is the norm or expected, the use of the city and its parts as the setting of the creations, and of painting, architecture and technology as the pillars that sustain the development of each project.

Through the LiMu Project, Brain and Glasses renews the view of the cities as continents at the vanguard, with a rich cultural life, and constantly getting reinvented.

Thanks to projects that use already existent architectural elements which either are susceptible to change or have a highly aesthetic potential, thanks to last generation technology that helps with the creation of SmartArt products, and thanks to a brand new point of view of painting in different stratus, Brain and Glasses stamps a distinctive personality on the City, enhances its qualities, and increases its value due to public art.

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